People as Capital

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We work with industry leaders in real estate, logistics and retail, and other sectors for their hiring needs. For the candidates—contact us for the right opportunities for your career path.

For employers and hiring managers

We are working with some of the biggest real estate and infrastructure development brands in North India—for their hiring requirements in sales, CRM, legal, marketing, operations, project management, finance, and in other roles.

For the candidates

Your work should be your choice—we guide you to find the right opportunities for your skills and experience. Contact us to find the work that you aspire for. Job search can also be a memorable experience, contact us for details.

A candidate talks about our services

Project Head, Civil, at M3M says—

"I got my new job opportunity through Team Shortlisted. It was a smooth transition and good experience through placement consultant. They coordinated each & every aspect of selection process and organized interview/ meetings with the Director for final selection & appointment. For remuneration, they explained and clarified each & every detail and after due satisfaction I got my new placement. Thanks & best wishes to Team Shortlisted for their untiring services and support."

—Pradeep Agrawal

How we work

Shortlisted works with industry leaders to form a ROI-driven people system in their organizations. We partner with companies who are hiring for their open positions, and we identify right people to offer them relevant jobs from our network.

About us

We have partnered with multiple organizations in different cities all over India for their hiring requirements. See about us for more details.

Why Choose us

We make hiring a lot easier for you

When you share an open position with us, we have a very robust candidate screening process where we speak to the candidates at depth to see how best they fit into the open position.

Screen their resume

First call—detailed

See background, references, and their experience

Detailed discussion on the role and expectations


Our Custom Plans

After we start working with an organization, we offer them custom plans for their long-term hiring requirements.

Basic Plan


  • 12 open roles.
  • 50 shortlisted CVs
  • 36 interviews

Advanced Plan


  • 24 open roles
  • 120 shortlisted CVs
  • 72 interviews

Hiring advisors for your organization

In some cases, we work with the organizations to define and set up their organization heirarchy also—the structure, and team size, and reporting cycle for different teams and departments. Contact us if you have any such requirements.